The Beginning

The Beginning

Our page, The Best Tattoos, was started in 2012 and the last 4 years have been an incredible time full of amazing tattoos posted every day. We’ve also gathered over 560,000 fans of amazing tattoos.

By the quality of tattoos posted here, The Best Tattoos has gained a trust from the audience and we’ve been recieving lots of messages from people asking us where they should get tattooed or if we know any studios/artist in their area.

Those messages showed us the needs of customers and tattoo artists. We can now present the solution, and our new product which we believe will help fans of tattoo work connect closer with tattoo artist and tattoo studios.

Feel free to register yourself to!

Our aim is to create a place where people thinking about getting new tattoo will be able to research and prepare themselves for booking a tattoo.

Via the site can can create a profile and upload your own:
– gallery with your latest work
– links to all social media
– opening hours of you are tattoo studio
– place yourself/your studio on the map to allow people to find you easier
– choose the preferred style of work which you are doing

Registration and adding your places is 100% free and will always stay like this. We have a lot of functions coming to our page so stay tuned for more updates and in mean time please share our post, go to our webiste and add yourself to TATTOO-MAP.COM.