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Before we jump into this weeks edition there will be a few changes starting in future editions because there are some big things that Tattoo-Map are working on that has resulted in a change of format. We can’t reveal what’s going on behind the scenes right this second but rest assured you will all know more in the coming weeks. 🙂

Possible changes include:

  • Number of artists featured in weekly articles will be reduced to 10 or 15, whichever format we feel more comfortable with.
  • A new article at the end of the month which will have 10 of our favourite tattoos from that months editions.
  • Possibility of ONLY featuring artists tagging @tattoomap on instagram with their pictures. This isn’t final but it would help us in terms of not missing top quality tattoos done that week as it gets hard to follow 5000+ amazing artists, not to mention the list is forever growing, so we are bound to miss great tattoos. It also increases exposure of unknown/underrated artists who need that extra help. As stated this isn’t final and just a possibility at this point.

These are the ideas we have currently and there is the possibility of more changes. If you have some suggestions or feedback then feel free to email: as we are always eager to hear about how we can improve.

If you are an artist and would like to be featured and assure that we see your work, please use the hashtag; #tattoomap or tag us @tattoomap to have a run in at being featured on our next edition. This is the best way to ensure we see your work!

1. David Corden

2. Neon Judas

3. Justin Buduo

4. Roberto da Silva


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5. Mike Stockings

6. Iwan Yug

7. Erin Chance

8. Dave Paulo

9. David Jorquera

10. Hannah Flowers

Best colour and best of day here @galwaytattooshow ?thanks so much Chloe!

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11. Marek Hali

12. Ben Kaye

13. Boris

back➕front #dragon. . . #intenzeboristattooink #intenzeink #h2oceanproteam #lvxlight #stencilanchored

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14. Phil Garcia

15. Roman Abrego

Also I want to do some more robots hit me up email me

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16. Pony Lawson

17. Marek Hali

18. Alan Ferioli

19. Aimee Cornwell

Highland cow, covering up some sort of dinosaur cat thing ?? thank you Thomas #aimeecornwell #eternalink #baberdts

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20. Benjamin Laukis

21. Alexey Moroz

22. Brendan Boswell

First one down @austattooexpo in Perth Thank you Matt you sat like a champ! @inkjecta @electricinkaus

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23. Benji

24. Jacob Wiman

25. Alex Pashkov


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