Week 21 – Some fantastic stuff this week. Let’s go!

If you are an artist and would like to be featured and assure that we see your work, please use the hashtag; #tattoomap or tag us @tattoomap to have a run in at being featured on our next edition.


1. Varo


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2. Juan Sanchez

Inspired in Milano Cathedral #JuanSanchezTattoo #TattoosWithSoul

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3. Frank Carrilho

4. Steve Butcher

5. Jordan Baker

6. Gunnar V

7. Arlo

8. Ben Ochoa

9. Michael Taguet

10. Sergey Shanko

11. Tymur Denysenko

12. Eliot Kohek

13. Nichlas

14. David Giersch

15. Aniela Dahlgren

Sum pics of this #trashpanda

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16. Stefano Alcantara, Roman Abrego & Robert Hernandez

In progress COLLAB @roberthernandeztattoos @romantattoos @stefanoalcantara Finished picture coming soon…

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17. Fredao Oliveira

Caveira com cogumelos Com textura de madeira Muito obrigado @alexhentsch Feito na @inkonik_tattoo_studio #electricink

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18. Tal Sabach

19. Denis Sivak

T2 for @o_kharin #terminator #arnoldschwarzenegger #t2 #nytattoo #nyc #ny @schwarzenegger

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20. Vasilii Suvorov

21. Tokmakov Evgeniy

22. Ilya Fom

#fomtattooartist #neformattattoo #worldfamousink #fkirons #tattoopharma #odintattooshop

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23. Benjamin Laukis

24. Dmitry Paramonov

25. Logan Aguilar

Ok I really feel this is the biggest coverup today. The key is to understanding what you want and the artist being honest with what he can do. This tattoo has never had laser treatment ever. It's all color ink. You just need to know how to mix your palette, the inks in every brand is different and the weight of the ink you are using and the visible ink weight on the skin. 1more sitting to do the inner arm and the chest as well and finish the dragon and flowers. I am on the 6th sitting at this point. A good coverup takes time and must be treated with care and patience. He is really on top of his after care. I did talk on the video. #cherryblossom #coveruptattoo #coverup #japanesetattoo #japanese #chinesedragon #asiantattoo #hardwork #hardworker #tattoo #tattoos #tattoosleeve #tattooing #tattooist #tattooer #nyctattoo #nycartist #artist #colortattoo #colortattoos @lastritestattoo @lastritesgallery @paulbooth @yomicoart @joseecd @darwinenriquez @panicgallery

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