Interview with Robert ‘Grindesign’ Borbas

Tell me, how did you become known as ‘Grindesign’? Is there a particular backstory to the name? Well, it’s kinda funny and childish story. Back in time, just like now I was really into grind core and all kind of extreme music in general. So I was like, hey-let’s choose a gruesome and brutal name […]

Tattoo Starter Pack: Some Artists To Get You Started

So you’re finally beginning to open your eyes, a bad first tattoo perhaps? Maybe you’re just tired of seeing all the crappy scratcher work that your friends/relatives are getting. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re one of the lucky ones with a untouched canvas and smart enough to do some research before committing to a tattoo because […]

15 Insanely Good Back Tattoos (PT.1)

Ah back tattoos and back pieces…there’s nothing quite like a well done back tattoo in my opinion, so much canvas to work with and create something special. There’s a common conversation that I have with people who are interested in getting their back done and that usually goes something like “back? that’s getting reserved for […]