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About Maria Smigiel

The first time I set foot in a "tattoo studio", I was 15 years old. This is when my tattoo adventure begun. Fortunately, some time later, I met people to whom, I can confidently call true artists, even if my opinion of artists have been met with a rather large dose of skepticism, as I am strongly against calling just any tattooist an artist . What tattoos do I like the most? Those Good ones. Although I admit that my favourite style is neo-traditional and traditional. After holding the tattoo machine for the first time, I concluded that my first choice of history of art module at university was a much suited career path as apposed to a tattoo artist. For years, I have had the pleasure to surround myself with extremely talented people, not only those who are breaking the conventions, but also the negative stereotypes. These talented people have an incredible amount of knowledge to share. This brief explanation certainly does not reflect in full how truly talented and remarkable these People are, but it gives me the opportunity to introduce to you, those whom I admire before we get to know them a little better.