Small personal studio in the historic city of York, with 40 years experience and one of the oldest shops in the area.
Comfortable and friendly, we pride ourselves on fantastic customer experience and atmosphere. No speciality art store, all our artists are competent and capable of all styles, and can custom design whatever the heart desires,
Lead artist specialises in coverups and reworks of damaged skin, which is highly specialised, and has an array of experience tattooing scarred, burnt and otherwise damaged skin.
We also offer almost all piercings, including genitals, dermals, divers, and a removal service for these also.
Full custom service, all drawing and consulting is free of charge, and we offer a full year guarantee top up service on all work *so long as aftercare instructions are followed and no conditions are present that the client did not make us aware of in advance.
Also branching into cosmetic tattooing of eyebrows lips liner etc.
If you want a personable studio, with friendly staff with a homey atmosphere, this is the place to be