Adorned Precision Body Arts is located in the heart of Vancouver’s Commercial Drive! With the tattooing talents of Casper Macabre, Jesse Williams, Adreyu Doll and Eric Brunning. And the piercing talents of Rick Gilmour!

Our goal is to own and operate a studio that will always be an institution of good tattooing and body piercing. By doing this we give ourselves, our artists and our clients the best experiences possible.
We carry a wide range of fine body jewelry, with a little something for everyone; including implant grade stainless steel and titanium, niobium, glass (pyrex), gold and a huge collection of natural body jewelry! Our aftercare methods are as natural as possible and we are doing our darnedest to be as environmentally responsible as we can!

**Adorned Precision Body Piercing was first started in Calgary, AB (1999-2005) by Rick Gilmour and has opened in it’s new Vancouver incarnation! With all same the great jewelery, customer service and passion- now with tattooing! Yay!

For any questions regarding our prices or policies please visit our website and check out the price list or FAQ sections at