New Studio In Paisley, Scotland – inKUBENSIS

New studio by Gabriel Sven Hass! Located in Paisley, Scotland.  Check out some of his work below and the promotional video for his new studio. inKUBENSIS Tattoo studio is searching for a local tattoo artist,looking to work on chair rent basis.Get in touch sending a link to an online portfolio. Thank you!GSH Opublikowany przez inKUBENSIS […]

Szidi is joining Kamil Tattoos!

Kamil Tattoos would like to proudly present their newest artist, Szidónia Csenge Gergely – better known as Sziditattoo! Szidi is open for bookings, so if you’re interested in booking or have a general question you can email her directly on or contact Kamil Tattoos directly!

Hyper Realistic Portraits By Karol Rybakowski

Karol Rybakowski is a 30 year old tattoo artist that has captivated the tattoo world with his hyper realistic portraits and tattoos. Tattooing out of the legendary Tofi Torfinski’s Ink-Ognito studio in Rybnik, Poland, Karol studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice before deciding to become a tattoo artist. Karol’s way of tattooing is […]

21 Horrifying Pennywise Tattoos To Get You Hyped For The New Movie

YOU’LL FLOAT TOO Said the scary clown to the child. Yup, not long now until arguably the most anticipated horror in years, I am of course talking about the remake of the cult classic Stephen King novel ‘It’ which had a 1990 miniseries that featured Tim Curry as the horrifying Pennywise. The 2017 adaption which is […]

22 Stunning Watercolour Tattoos

Watercolour tattoos! Something different from a world that is mainly known for its realism and traditional artworks, and man do they look pretty. Some controversy in regards to how they might age and fade but with more artists experimenting with the style we are seeing good improvements in this specific style with works holding up […]