Interview with Robert ‘Grindesign’ Borbas

Tell me, how did you become known as ‘Grindesign’? Is there a particular backstory to the name? Well, it’s kinda funny and childish story. Back in time, just like now I was really into grind core and all kind of extreme music in general. So I was like, hey-let’s choose a gruesome and brutal name […]

Industry Perspective: Tattoo Copycats

Copycats…probably one of the more ‘controversial’ issues in the tattoo world, they are rampant in the industry and as such there are hundreds of opinions differing from person to person to whether or not stealing or copying is ‘ethical’. So since you guys seemed to like the last industry perspective article, I decided to set out and […]

Tattoo Starter Pack: Some Artists To Get You Started

So you’re finally beginning to open your eyes, a bad first tattoo perhaps? Maybe you’re just tired of seeing all the crappy scratcher work that your friends/relatives are getting. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re one of the lucky ones with a untouched canvas and smart enough to do some research before committing to a tattoo because […]

15 Insanely Good Back Tattoos (PT.1)

Ah back tattoos and back pieces…there’s nothing quite like a well done back tattoo in my opinion, so much canvas to work with and create something special. There’s a common conversation that I have with people who are interested in getting their back done and that usually goes something like “back? that’s getting reserved for […]