“I had lost faith in art as a career so I left to find something new. I didn’t expect to find it in tattooing; that came along as an accident… a very happy accident” – Interview with Alex Rattray

Hey Alex, cheers for taking the time out to talk to us! It’s strange as you’re the first person I’ve interviewed from my city haha. Growing up, have you always had an artistic background? Yes, for as long as I can remember. I was always drawing when I was a kid. At Primary School I […]

Interview with Balm Tattoo

Could you tell us some history about Balm Tattoo and what your philosophy is? To continually employ pharmaceutical rigour, innovation and a love of tattoos, to make fantastic tattoo aftercare as popular and cool as possible. Worldwide! What would you say sets you apart from other aftercare brands? Our formulations are unique and always follow […]

“My mother is very artistic, and since we never owned a television, she kept my sisters and I occupied by providing us with art supplies and books.” – Interview with Hokowhitu Sciascia

Hey Hoko, hope you’re doing well. Thank you for lending me some of your time again! No problem, thank you for having me! Could you tell me a little bit about how you got started in tattooing? I had expressed a lot of interest in getting tattooed from my early/mid teens, but I didn’t get […]

Interview with Robert ‘Grindesign’ Borbas

Tell me, how did you become known as ‘Grindesign’? Is there a particular backstory to the name? Well, it’s kinda funny and childish story. Back in time, just like now I was really into grind core and all kind of extreme music in general. So I was like, hey-let’s choose a gruesome and brutal name […]

“It has been a long road of trying different styles from polka trash to watercolour until I finally found the designing techniques that I am comfortable with, but I always try to find something new to add on to it, different ways to shape the design.” – Interview with Thomas Carli-Jarlier

Hi Thomas, thanks for letting me ask you a few questions. Growing up have you always had an artistic background? TCJ: I have grown up in a very artistic family, my mother is a professor of art and a painter and my father used to do music at a younger age, he was a keyboard […]

“Many customers put it in the same pigeon hole as trash polka, which I am not really happy with. I don’t want to copy or imitate anything under any circumstances” – Interview with Florian Karg

How did your journey into tattooing begin?  FK: My journey into tattooing began very early at a time where it wasn’t yet as easy to become a tattoo artist, around 13 years ago, but I was very determined. Did you go through a formal apprenticeship? FK: I did not do an apprenticeship as a tattoo […]

“I do it because some artist said that my work is too heavy and dark. But for me the most important is how it looks when is healed.” – Interview with Yarson Stahowic

First of all, Yarson – congratulations on the new studio! YS: Thank you so much, I’m very proud of my team and the studio. Tell me, how does it feel having your own studio finally up and running? YS: I worked hard to be where I am now. It was really hard decision for me […]

“Fresh tattoos are nice, but you can only judge a tattoo artist after you have seen their healed work” – Interview with József Török

Have you always had an artistic background? JT: I always loved to draw when I was a little kid, and later, when I finished the elementary school, I chose to study graphic design. Were you studing or working before you started to pursue career in tattooing? JT: I was 18 years old, when I first […]

“I’m not a kind of award hungry person, really, I’m just doing my job, trying to make my clients happy and that’s most important” – Interview with Piotr Dedel

What first attracted you to the tattoo world? PD: I think it was a few tattoos that I saw on the magazines, they had this particle of technique and scary visions that I was doing on my drawings. I’ve been drawing scary things all the days when I was a kid, it was my true passion. […]