Interview with Balm Tattoo

Could you tell us some history about Balm Tattoo and what your philosophy is? To continually employ pharmaceutical rigour, innovation and a love of tattoos, to make fantastic tattoo aftercare as popular and cool as possible. Worldwide! What would you say sets you apart from other aftercare brands? Our formulations are unique and always follow […]

Charity Walk In Day – Rock’n’Roll Tattoo & Piercing

Rock’n’Roll are very proud to be working with suicide prevention charity Hope For The Day and will be conducting a walk in day on the 19th of August, where artists will be tattooing flash tattoo designs priced from £30-£100. These ready made designs will be available on a first come first served basis. All proceeds from […]

“My mother is very artistic, and since we never owned a television, she kept my sisters and I occupied by providing us with art supplies and books.” – Interview with Hokowhitu Sciascia

Hey Hoko, hope you’re doing well. Thank you for lending me some of your time again! No problem, thank you for having me! Could you tell me a little bit about how you got started in tattooing? I had expressed a lot of interest in getting tattooed from my early/mid teens, but I didn’t get […]

25 Amazing Spider-Man Tattoos

“I’M GLAD YOU REMEMBERED THE HYPHEN! MOST PEOPLE LEAVE IT OUT.” Hey! It’s me again, your friendly neighborhood Tattoo Map writer here to show you some excellent Spider-Man tattoos. Just how good was Spider-Man: Homecoming though? There’s a very good reason it opened close to $120 million on its opening weekend. I seriously urge anyone […]

Interview with Robert ‘Grindesign’ Borbas

Tell me, how did you become known as ‘Grindesign’? Is there a particular backstory to the name? Well, it’s kinda funny and childish story. Back in time, just like now I was really into grind core and all kind of extreme music in general. So I was like, hey-let’s choose a gruesome and brutal name […]