21 Horrifying Pennywise Tattoos To Get You Hyped For The New Movie

21 Horrifying Pennywise Tattoos To Get You Hyped For The New Movie


Said the scary clown to the child. Yup, not long now until arguably the most anticipated horror in years, I am of course talking about the remake of the cult classic Stephen King novel ‘It’ which had a 1990 miniseries that featured Tim Curry as the horrifying Pennywise. The 2017 adaption which is due to be released on September 8th – features a young Bill Skarsgård as the new Pennywise.

This has been in production for years now, and at many points looked as if it was going to be one of those remakes what disappeared into the “will it happen” section of cinema. But despite the production issues we’re finally going to have a remake of an absolute classic. What some people don’t realise yet is this is only the first of a two part film in which the sequel will be from the adults perspective like the novel.

For those who have never read nor saw the first movie, the film is set in Derry, a fictional town that is apart of Stephen King‘s fictional Maine topography. Local kids are disappearing one by one and with it, leaving behind bloody remains. A group neighborhood kids band together to square off against Pennywise The Dancing Clown, a clown whose evil reign over the town dates back century’s.

I cannot bloody wait for this film, and if you don’t feel the same then maybe these will help.

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